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The MiniDisc

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The MiniDisc or MD minidisk is a magneto-optical digital disc developed in the 90s by  Sony. It is  smaller than a conventional CD and has an increased capacity compared with it. The Japanese company wanted to move on with its flagship device, which was released in Japan in January 1992 as an […]

A little bit about the Blu-ray Disc

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The Blu-ray name comes from the color of the laser that reads and writes the discs, which is blue, but another fact is that the word blue had the “e” letter removed for registration and patenting purposes. It is also beginning to be known only as BD. The Blu-ray disc is a […]

Sony releases new line of Vaio Computers

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Sony, the Japanese giant, has released a new line of Vaio computer with touchscreen. These units display  very lines design  and minimalist feel to them, while they incorporate a range of powerful processors. The new Vaio  includes desktops, laptops and tablets with keyboard extensions. In the design of these new units was considered the […]

Sony releases the New Xperia Ion

Pedro Trebbau Lopez. Fans of Sony Smartphones are thrilled at the release of the new Xperia Ion. The Ion is the latest model of the very successful Xperia   top-of-the-line smartphones from Sony. One of the many innovations of this phone that is causing a real sensation among users is the HD capabilities that this unit […]

The New Sony SmartWatch.

Pedro Trebbau Lopez. Sony has recently released what could be considered the first accessory for an Android device. Pedro Trebbau Lopez found out that the new Sony SmartWatch acts as an extension of your Android device. “But what does this little gadget exactly do?” Pedro Trebbau Lopez asked himself. Well, it helps you access many […]

Share your world with the new Sony Bloggie Cameras.

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Sony has recently released the new Bloggie Live Cameras at the CES Las Vegas  for those blog enthusiasts who want to share every important moment of their lives without delay. The reason why the new Bloggie is called Live is because it has WiFi connection, so after you take your photos or […]

The New Sony 3D Goggles.

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Some new devices have not created such a rush of excitement as the new Sony 3D Goggles presented in the CES in Las Vegas 2011. Instead of using glasses to tune each one of your eyes to an images overlapping another on a TV or movie screen, the 3D Goggles have one […]