What is Ruby on Rails

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Ruby on Rails , also called RoR or Rails is a open source web application framework  written in the Ruby programming language, following the paradigm of Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. It tries to combine simplicity with the opportunity to develop real-world applications writing less code than other frameworks and with a minimum […]

The New Sony SmartWatch.

Pedro Trebbau Lopez. Sony has recently released what could be considered the first accessory for an Android device. Pedro Trebbau Lopez found out that the new Sony SmartWatch acts as an extension of your Android device. “But what does this little gadget exactly do?” Pedro Trebbau Lopez asked himself. Well, it helps you access many […]

Twitter is more than 140 characters

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Twitter claims to have more than 100 million users and is very simple to use; you can post links, send messages, insert photos or videos, it is excellent. Pedro Trebbau Lopez  uses twitter to be informed about news, traffic, and friends. But twitter is more than that; it has more tools than […]