Catch your favorite Internet videos with aTube Catcher

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Anytime you want to keep those videos from the Internet that you like so much on your hard drive, just use the aTube Catcher Suite. With this software you have everything you need to keep those videos with ease and with a variety of options. It works as the typical downloader where […]

How to use VirtualBox

Pedro Trebbau Lopez As we commented before, VirtualBox is an application that allows you to create virtual machines on your computer and run a different operating system and programs without partitioning your disk or installing a new one. After you install the software, you specify for the new machine the space on disk and amount […]


Pedro Trebbau Lopez VirtualBox is an excellent option when you need to run an operating system on your machine without creating another partition on your disk and disturbing or changing the current configuration of your computer. It is excellent for users that need to test a different operating system, test a feature on some software […]

Windows 8 having a rough start

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The new version of Windows in its 8th upgrade has received mixed reviews from specialists along with those users that chose to go “8” from the very start of the new system. Some analyst have compared this operative system with Frankenstein since, according to them, it is the mixture of a very […]

Presenting Linux

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Well, not that Linux needs to be introduced. But certainly this operative system, although popular around the world, remains a little bit of an obscure topic for those Windows and Mac lovers. Based on Unix (meaning that uses it as a model, not that it works on Unix), and compatible with it, […]

More about Windows 8

Pedro Trebbau Lopez In a past blog entry we commented about the release of Microsoft’s Windows 8. The new version of the popular operative system has impressed the users who have had the chance to try it on its beta versions due to its new stunning UI and many new characteristics. The new Windows can […]

Microsoft to release Windows 8

Pedro Trebbau Lopez. October 26, 2012 is the big day for Microsoft which is releasing its new version of the Windows operative system, now known as Windows 8. As expected, Windows 8 is introducing a range of new characteristics that, they hope, will allure the established users of the Microsoft software and also gain adepts […]