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Minicomputers: The IBM System/34

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The System/34 also known as S/34 was a minicomputer manufactured by  IBM. It was introduced in April 1977 as a cheap alternative to the mainframes of the S/370 series . It was the successor to the System/32 and System/36 and the precursor of the smaller sister S/38 system . The S/34 served […]

IBM System 3: Predecessor of the Modern Server

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The IBM System/3, introduced in 1969 and discontinued in 1985, was a cheap IBM computer for office tasks aimed at new customers or organizations that still maintained computers or IBM accounting machines of the 1400 Series. It was the first member of the family that IBM called Midrange. These computers are known […]

Tape Units

Pedro Trebbau Lopez A tape drive  or streamer is a device for storing data on magnetic tape. At the beginning of the computer age in the 1950s and 60s the image of the two spools of tape came to symbolize the typical image of the computer itself. The Datasette was in the transition from the […]

The First Macintosh and its launch 30 years ago

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The first Macintosh, the Macintosh 128K, was announced to the press by Apple in October 1983, followed by a dossier of 18 pages included in various magazines in December of that year. On January 24, 1984, the famous TV ad directed by Ridley Scott entitled “1984”  was presented.  The ad was broadcast  in […]

Intel Atom

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Intel Atom is the name of a line of x86 microprocessors and Intel x86-64, formerly called Silverthorne  and Diamondville. They are designed for a manufacturing process of 45nm CMOS and intended to be used in mobile Internet devices, Ultra-portable, smart phones, and other low power portable applications. Intel announced its first release […]

Apple II c

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Apple released the Apple IIc in May 1984, selling  it as the first Portable Apple II . They  used the improved version of the MOS 6502 processor  and offered a built-in support for disk drives, modem, printer, and a display of 80 columns of text that required  cards sold separately in previous models. […]

Commodore Amiga

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The Commodore Amiga was a personal computer that, because of its extraordinary multimedia capabilities, enjoyed great success in the decades of the 80s and 90s. It was designed by Jay  Miner and a small team of engineers from Didbit company located in Santa Clara, California. They were sold by Commodore International from […]