Pedro Trebbau Lopez

The COBOL Programming Language

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The COBOL programming language was created in 1959 with the goal of having a universal programming language that could be used on any computer, because in the 1960s there were numerous incompatible models of computer. COBOL was mainly business oriented. COBOL is the acronym of Common Business-Oriented Language. In creating this language, […]

The MiniDisc

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The MiniDisc or MD minidisk is a magneto-optical digital disc developed in the 90s by  Sony. It is  smaller than a conventional CD and has an increased capacity compared with it. The Japanese company wanted to move on with its flagship device, which was released in Japan in January 1992 as an […]

Punched Tape

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The punched  tape is an obsolete data storage method  that consisted of a long strip of paper in which holes were made to store the data. It was much used during a big part of the twentieth century for communications with teletypes, and later as a data storage medium for minicomputers.

Punched Cards

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The punched cards is made ​​of cardboard sheet containing information in the form of perforations in a binary code. These were the first methods used to enter data and instructions into a computer in the 1960s and 1970s. Punch cards were used previously by Joseph Marie Jacquard  in his invention, the automated […]

Diskettes or Floppy Disks

Pedro Trebbau Lopez A diskette is a flexible plastic disc coated with ferromagnetic particles, which enables the recording, erasing and reading of information on its surface by means of an electromagnetic head. They are protected by a plastic cover that is more rigid to avoid contact with the outside. These disks are of the  portable […]

BBC to expand

  Pedro Trebbau Lopez BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the state-owned British radio and television based in London , presented a three-point plan on Friday to expand globally including increased spending on television content, reinforce its website and launch three new channels. Learn more here. 

The HP 150

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The HP-150 was one of the first personal computer with touch screen to be  put on the market. Launched in November 1983 by Hewlett-Packard, it was based on an Intel 8088 8 MHz processor  (faster than 4.77 MHz marketed by IBM at the time). The fixed memory could be increased with expansion […]