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XBox One orders rocketing

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The British division of Amazon has indicated that, after  Microsoft announced its change in the  policy for the activation of the  Xbox One, the orders  for the console of Microsoft have experienced a strong rebound. In fact, according to Amazon UK, now Xbox One orders have soared and have exceeded those for […]

Samsung to Produce a Flexible Screen Phone in 2013

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Samsung, the South Korean giant,   has announced the production of a telephone with a flexible screen for the beginning of 2013 according to The Wall Street Journal. The Galaxy Skin, as it has been known the new device will be called, has a plastic screen and  not a glass one as […]

The new Mini Ipad to be released soon

Pedro trebbau Lopez Apple, the company that has released recently a string of devices like the Iphones and Ipads in different configurations, is releasing a new version of their product Ipad in a small size. The name of this new device is Mini Ipad, of course. The Mini Ipad, which is 7.85 ” in size […]

Fuji to halt celuloid film production after 80 years

Pedro Trebbau Lopez. Fuji, the Japanese giant that for 80 years has produced film for still photography and cinema has decided to quit the production of analogic filming products due to the low demand. This decision will be effective in march 2013. Fuji management has observed that due to the 3D craze and the general […]