Chromebooks and Google

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The Chromebook is a line of notebooks or laptops running the Google Chrome OS operative system. They are made to run applications that reside on the Internet rather that using applications installed on the hard drive of the computer such as Office or Photoshop, for example. They are produced by Acer, HP […]

The New Sony SmartWatch.

Pedro Trebbau Lopez. Sony has recently released what could be considered the first accessory for an Android device. Pedro Trebbau Lopez found out that the new Sony SmartWatch acts as an extension of your Android device. “But what does this little gadget exactly do?” Pedro Trebbau Lopez asked himself. Well, it helps you access many […]

Google Glasses

Pedro Trebbau Lopez No, it’s not an April’s Fool Joke, it is actually true.  Google has released information about their Project Glass, which will possibly hit the stores  later this year. Powered by Android, the glasses will be similar to the Oakley Thumpers, they will have a camera and the option of taking pictures and […]