Ipad Air is here

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The wait for Apple fans is  over. Apple has just unveiled the specifications of the iPad Air, the latest version of the company’s tablet, which will be on sale in the U.S. and 40 other countries from the first of November on  for $ 499 in its Wifi version and 629 for the […]

What is a Flash Drive

Pedro Trebbau Lopez A Flash memory or Pen Drive  is also called a solid state memory, or by its acronym SSD. It is an electronic device for persistent data storage. This type of memory used integrated circuits (chips or microchips),  to store data from a computer or any other device that has to store data. […]

3M Iphone Projector

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Despite the Iphone 5 is already out, manufacturers like 3M continue to launch accessories for previous generations, particularly the iPhone 4 and 4S. The new product is a housing with LED projector. The DLP type projector is capable of displaying video or still images to a screen size between 6 and 60 […]

Asus and fashion

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Technology is also a fashion accessory. Like a bag, a scarf, a necklace or a brooch over it were, the Taiwanese firm Asus advanced computing approaches the new devices manufactured as a perfect complement to the “look” of each day. They have to marry the look and style of life of the […]

Apple surpasses Samsung

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Apple has been declared  the number one in customer satisfaction in South Korea, the country where its main rival in several sectors, Samsung, was born.  Apple  has achieved a score of 52 percent, followed by Samsung and LG with 50 and 46 percent respectively.   Learn more here. 

Google Glass

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The Glass Project is a Google‘s  research and development program  to develop augmented reality glasses (HMD). The product, known as Google Glass Explorer Edition, will be available for developers of Google I/O for  1,500 dollars this year, while the consumer version will be ready in 2014.The purpose of Google Glass is to […]

Low cost IPhone to be released soon

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The release of a new iPhone will be reduced to emerging markets and will consist of a  group of  between 2.5 and 3 million terminals to test the reactions of the market, according to sources. The rumors about the release of a ‘low cost’ IPhone are increasing exponentially as it approaches the […]