A little bit about the Blu-ray Disc

Pedro Trebbau Lopez The Blu-ray name comes from the color of the laser that reads and writes the discs, which is blue, but another fact is that the word blue had the “e” letter removed for registration and patenting purposes. It is also beginning to be known only as BD. The Blu-ray disc is a […]

Crosley Turntables

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Do you still keep your beloved vinyls and also want to transfer them to CDs or your MP3 devices? There are certainly many ways to do so, but the easiest and the most stylish is with a Crosley USB Turntable, The Crosley Turntables come in different models, all resembling the portable turntables […]

Rumour has it: Apple iTV

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Apple wants to enter the world’s households with its own  television, and rumors and information abound  on how and when it will happen. Even an analyst said he had heard that it could cost between 500 and 2000 thousand 500 dollars. But it all seems to be rumours. In a note published […]

Crackle: Watch your favorite movies and TV shows online

Pedro Trebbau Lopez For you, the movie fan or TV Shows follower, is that Crackle was made for. Crackle is the new website where you can watch a selection of movies or TV Shows completely free and in the convenience of your home or office. Crackle content can be seen on your computer or a […]

Ultraviolet Video

  Pedro Trebbau Lopez. Ultraviolet is a new video format that allows the user to play the movies or TV shows that they bought on a series of devices and buy them on the net or locally in a store. But, how can you do that?  Where exactly do you buy it? Can it be […]

Dolby 3D: The new 3D system for film theaters

Pedro Trebbau Lopez. Movie theaters are trying the new Dolby 3D system that is competing with the now well established Real D, but although both systems offer the same gimmick of allowing viewers to see movies in three dimensions, there are very substantial differences between both methods. To start with, Dolby 3D uses glasses that […]