Pay Off Debt is the App to clear your debt

Pedro Trebbau Lopez If you have debts that are always struggling to pay and are never cleared, Pay Off Debt is the app for you, With it, you will steadily and readily pay the money you own little by little. You just indicate the amount of money to pay and the time and Pay Off […]

Keep Tweeting after you die with LivesOn

Pedro Trebbau Lopez Since March, the deceased will be able to continue tweeting through LivesOn,  a recently launched application. This app  is based on the analysis of the history of each user of Twitter to keep feeding the social network profile with the issues and items that have been of interest to the deceased.”When your heart […]

The Pogie Award for The Icookbook

Pedro Trebbau Lopez A new year has different means for people. Some people want to change everything, making resolutions to change their lives, lose weight or become better persons but others, are very excited for the Pogie Award. This award has celebrated innovation in technology for seven years; it is not for products, it is […]