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More about Windows 8

Pedro Trebbau Lopez - Windows 8 start screen

Pedro Trebbau Lopez – Windows 8 start screen

Pedro Trebbau Lopez

In a past blog entry we commented about the release of Microsoft’s Windows 8. The new version of the popular operative system has impressed the users who have had the chance to try it on its beta versions due to its new stunning UI and many new characteristics.

The new Windows can be taken on the go on a USB memory stick, applications included, and can be booted on any computer. It includes a new app store called Windows store (a-la-Mac), where new apps can be bought and downloaded. Users will experience total multitasking with an uncluttered UI interface thank to the use of Metro. The security has been improved so the Internet can be surfed with no worries with a new and better Explorer 10 version. Booting will be a breeze with the use of the new Protogon file system. Apps will be on all the time so it will reduce the launching time and the use of RAM will be minimal since it only needs 300 MB to do its job. The use of Windows 8 will be universal since it runs on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphone the same.

Learn more about this topic on this site.


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