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Ultraviolet Video

Pedro Trebbau Lopez - Ultraviolet Video

Pedro Trebbau Lopez – Ultraviolet Video


Pedro Trebbau Lopez.

Ultraviolet is a new video format that allows the user to play the movies or TV shows that they bought on a series of devices and buy them on the net or locally in a store. But, how can you do that?  Where exactly do you buy it? Can it be played anywhere or do you need a special device?

Ultraviolet is an attempt to unify video content that a person can buy to be played anywhere. This is done because the video resides on the cloud. That means that you can buy the video in a store or online and then you have to obtain it from the net. That allows you to play it on any device that is connected to the internet be it a TV set, a computer or a phone or you can download it and burn it on a disc to be watched on a player.

The only thing you need to do to see an Ultraviolet movie is to register yourself on their website and obtain the content. They don’t sell it directly so you obtain it from stores, other websites or as an extra on DVD or Bluray movies you buy physically and add them to your library. Up to six people can see the movies in an account on up to twelve registered devices.

Visit the official ultraviolet website following this link.


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