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Video Production with flixpress.com

Pedro Trebbau Lopez - Flixpress

Pedro Trebbau Lopez – Flixpress

Pedro Trebbau Lopez.

When producing an amateur video sometimes we would like to count with an introductory animation that look professional and with great effects of video and audio, What if you could integrate an image of, for example, the logo of your company or a picture of a friend you are congratulating on his birthday or any other special occasion? Well, that’s a fantasy no more with flixpress.com. On this incredible site you can take your pick on dozens of videos divided into themes and customize them to your needs.

To do that you just have to log on creating an user and immediately you can start searching for the video of your preference. Once you pick it, you can customize the text, upload the image you need and voila! Your video enters a cue of automatic production. You will receive an email once your video is ready and you can preview and download it. There is a limited amount of free videos (most are not royalty free), but prices are very good, starting at $1.

Visit this great site following this link.


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