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Sony releases the New Xperia Ion

Pedro Trebbau Lopez – Sony Xperia Ion

Pedro Trebbau Lopez.

Fans of Sony Smartphones are thrilled at the release of the new Xperia Ion. The Ion is the latest model of the very successful Xperia   top-of-the-line smartphones from Sony.

One of the many innovations of this phone that is causing a real sensation among users is the HD capabilities that this unit offers. Running on Android, the phone allows the user to capture videos and still images with its new 12 megapixels camera. This camera works with the Exmor R for Mobile camera sensor which automatically regulates the light in the picture. This results in HD sharp pictures even in very lit conditions. The phone also counts with a 4.6 inches  BRAVIA touchscreen to see the video and pictures in complete HD.

The most exciting feature is the SmartDock, a port that allows you to connect your phone with a HDTV unit and see the content directly from your phone onto your flat HD TV screen. You can also control your phone using your Sony remote control from your TV. With the phone, you have access to the Sony Entertainment Network with a wealth of entertainment audiovisual content to enjoy on your  phone.

Learn more about this phone on this site.


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