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Cellphones and cancer

Pedro Trebbau Lopez – Mobile phone use has more than 20 years

Pedro Trebbau Lopez.

The debate on the use of cellphones and the possibility of them causing brain cancer has lit up again after concerns expressed by some scientist about the increase of this type of cancer in cellphone users of more than ten years.

The cellphone industry has declared repeatedly that studies show that the microwave emissions coming from this kind of units are not damaging for the brain. Nevertheless, scientists have also shown results of studies which, according to them, prove that now that the use of cellular phones has more than 20 years, it is likely to believe that long term cellphone users may develop cancers in areas such as the auditive nerve after having virtually “microwaved” their brains every time they speak on the phone.

For this reason, some countries have released warnings on the matter and recommended texting and using bluetooth headpieces instead of the cell itself on the ear to avoid its emission as much as  possible.

Watch this report on you tube about the matter.


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