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Internet Radio Tuner

Pedro Trebbau Lopez – A Kerbango Internet Radio Receiver

Pedro Trebbau Lopez.

Internet has influenced all aspects and grounds of our lives. Music, TV, communication either it is voice, data or video, weather forecast and so on. Radio could not be an exception and we can now enjoy radio programs not only in the traditional way, by the airwaves, but on an internet connection. It can be done on the computer, your Android phone (with the proper app installed), or using an Internet Radio Tuner.

An Internet Radio Tuner is capable of receiving and reproducing audio streaming transmitted on the Internet. Streaming is a way of transmitting audio or video files on the internet in a constant flow so they can be picked up and reproduced by a special device. Since the Internet access covers already an important part of the world, Internet radio stations have popularized and there is an estimation of around 13,000 radio stations in the world.

Visit www.live365.com and listen to an Internet radio station today.


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