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Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Pedro Trebbau Lopez.

Every housewife dream (and househusband too), has become true with the release of the new Neato Robotic Vacuum cleaner. Neato belongs to the new generation of vacuum cleaners that drive themselves and automatically do the floor cleaning for you.

But Neato is special: it uses a laser ray to map you room and know the location of every piece of furniture and any other  potential obstacle before starting to work and then performs the cleaning process with absolute precision and great performance. It also avoids steps so you can rest assure it won’t fall down the stairs. And if you don’t  want Neato to cross some particular limits it has a special tape that you have to lay on the floor where you want it to keep itself out of limits.

To learn more about Neato, visit engadget.com


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