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The New Sony 3D Goggles.

Pedro Trebbau Lopez

Some new devices have not created such a rush of excitement as the new Sony 3D Goggles presented in the CES in Las Vegas 2011.

Instead of using glasses to tune each one of your eyes to an images overlapping another on a TV or movie screen, the 3D Goggles have one little light beam pointed to each eye and let them do their usual job. By receiving each one its own image, the eyes and brain create the 3D view as if they were  seeing  in real life what is presented to you by the device. Since there is no cross talk the images are pristine and realistic as they can be.

They also come with integrated headphones that deliver a virtual surround sound to add more realism to the 3D experience. And the most exciting of everything  is that they are just small and portable.

Although the downside is that they can be a little pricy at introduction stage and they are not family friendly since they offer a solo-viewing experience, geeks like video gamers will love to see their favorite games in absolute 3D Tron-style.

Learn more about this revolutionary device created by Sony at this site


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