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The Pogie Award for The Icookbook

Pedro Trebbau Lopez

A new year has different means for people. Some people want to change everything, making resolutions to change their lives, lose weight or become better persons but others, are very excited for the Pogie Award.

This award has celebrated innovation in technology for seven years; it is not for products, it is for ideas. The ideas could be an app, a device, or equipment.

One of these excellent ideas is the ICOOKBOOK, this idea is perfect for cookers because always when you are cooking your hands are dirty and sticky and you don´t want to ruin your recipe book, so this recipe app is a hands-free page turning. It works for iPad, Iphone or Android, has a very low cost and you can say goodbye to the problem of turning pages with your dirty hands while cooking because you´ll turn them with your voice.

The Icookbook app was named by Apple as the best of the iPad Lifestyle category in 2011, it was New York Times winner of the Pogie Awards, and it got Macworld Appalooza Top 25 placement on Greatest Apps of All Time contest and won the Mom´s Choice Awards Gold Recipient.

Pedro Trebau Lopez recommends http://www.nytimes.com; http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/

Pedro Trababaul Lopez



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