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Clean Sky Project

Pedro Trebbau Lopez

“Flying Greener” is the idea of the most ambitious aeronautical research program born in 2008 in Europe, which objective is to develop technologies that will promote the conservation of the environment, improving the airplanes and air transport performance reducing noise and emissions and building fuel efficient aircrafts. The project is a 50/50 partnership between the European Commission and the aeronautical industry.

Air transport moves more than 2 billion passengers per year and generates close to 32 million jobs in the world, representing 7.5% of world Gross Domestic Product. But, air transport induces 12% CO2 emissions of all transport sources. This will probably grow in the future, it is estimated an increase of 4-5% annually over the next 20 years in demand of air travel.

The target of the program for 2020 is to reduce fuel consumption, 50% of CO2 emissions per passenger kilometer, 80% of NOx emissions, 50% of perceived noise and substantial reduction of the environmental impact of the manufacture and disposal of aircraft and related products.

The investigation has been organized into main themes that include aircraft wings, rotorcraft, engines and aircraft production and operation. The technology evaluator is a simulation network that will assess the performance of the technologies developed.

Pedro Trebbau Lopez read this at http://www.cleansky.eu/


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